I swear that the minute that I forget how much shame every citizen of our great country should feel for allowing this practice to go on, it’s time for the seal hunt to start again.  No life is so small that it should be lost in the name of fashion.  I know that not everyone feels the same passionate emotions that I do when it comes to issues relating to animal welfare, man do I know that, but today I am pleading with you to do something, anything to become more aware of this horrendous practice and to help others do the same.  Sign a petition.  Make a donation.  Learn more.  The CBC has a great and thorough FAQ page that explains both sides of this heated debate without bias.  Please just do something.


18 Responses to “Distress”

  1. Craig Says:

    Is your opposition to the hunt itself or the manner in which it is carried out.
    I often wonder if it weren’t baby seals or if it were done the way people shoot a deer if it would still bring the same emotions.

  2. QueenieCarly Says:

    You know what, Craig? That’s a damn good question. One I’m not sure I know the answer to. I am a vegetarian and I don’t buy leather. I’m not a fan of hunting animals young or old regardless of the method. I think you make a great point though. Maybe someone else, someone in a different situation will be able to respond to it more accurately and thoroughly.

  3. Dave J Says:

    Carly, while I’m not a vegetarian, I feel you on this and can totally understand your position. I stopped eating red meat and pork a few years ago, and I have not looked back since.

    As far as hunting goes, it is just not necessary, at all. In more primitive times, the life of the animal was considered sacred, and it was with great respect that an animal was killed. Almost every edible part was consumed, the skin fashioned into clothing, the bones into tools, the organs into medicines…

    Is the seal used for anything other than it’s pelt? Is it at least turned into puppy chow or something? Or is it a total slaughter for fashion type thing?

    Craig, your comment on shooting the deer and linking it to what some might consider a more humane form of hunting, I would have to disagree with. Here in Michigan we have an estimated 1.5 million deer, and it seems almost everyone and their brother are deer hunter wannabes. Most of them use a .22 calibre rifle, which quite frankly often doesn’t even kill the deer. They end up having to follow it’s blood trail, and track it for hours sometimes waiting for it to slowly die from it’s wound. To me this is not humane, I’d rather be a baby seal getting clubbed over the head for a minute or two than bleed to death.

    Carly, I have been enjoying your blog too, but I have also been lurking.. I don’t know why I am so shy, I really should comment more.

    Keep up the great posts!


  4. Jackie Says:

    Thanks for the visit.

    Recently I saw a film which showed that many of the baby seals are only stunned and are skinned alive in many cases. Seeing them yelp and squirm cut me right to the core.

    People in the Northern regions used to kill seals when necessary and every part of the seal was used. Now it is just so some fashion icon like JoLo can walk around in skins even where the climate isn’t even suitable for them. Sickening.

    The private parts of seals are an aphrodisiac for the Japanese. Thousands of adult seals are killed for this purpose in Namibia..Haven’t they heard of Viagra ?

    I, being Vegan, neither eat or wear anything from an animal or tested on an animal including pharmaceuticals even if I get ill.

    No wonder the Earth is going to pot!

  5. A-manual Says:

    That’s sooo sad!

    Makes me thankful God blessed me with the power to make a change…

    Are you from Calgary By any chance? u look like somone i know!

  6. Craig Says:

    I wasn’t trying suggest shooting a deer was humane, but it does seem acceptable. During hunting season there is very little outcry about the activity. And while I’m not in favour of clubbing baby seals, I wonder why the difference in attitudes?

  7. Bex Says:

    That’s a horrendous photo! Off to read the cbc links.

  8. Dave J Says:

    Craig, I just meant, if I were to put myself in the position of being the animal, I’d prefer a swift death to a prolonged drawn out suffering. You’re absolutely right, theres no outcry.


  9. chuck Says:

    For a better way to feel outraged, may I recommend you try to care about those 120k human babies that die of hunger every day, in Africa and South America mainly. I know they have dark skin tones, but give it a try at least.

    And why not read
    for some of the myths and realities about the seal hunt, including the article below:

    Myth #2: Seals are being skinned alive. Reality: The most recent Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Report and numerous reports mentioned by the Malouf Commission (1987) indicate that this is not true. Sometimes a seal may appear to be moving after it has been killed; however seals have a swimming reflex that is active – even after death. This reflex falsely appears as though the animal is still alive when it is clearly dead – similar to the reflex in chickens.

  10. jan Says:

    I agree that this is truly a barbaric act, but as long as people buy the fashions that consume these, there is no way to stop it. If laws are passed, poachers will continue to supply the market.

  11. QueenieCarly Says:

    I think that Craig & DJ, you’ve both made great points. After we all managed to get on the same page, I think we can agree that it is a strange phenomenon that the seal hunt brings out such emotion, much less than the hunting of any other animal. I guess it’s likely the graphic photos that are laid out for us every year at this time. A play at the heart strings that really works. Shame, really.

    Jackie, I applaud your vegan lifestyle. As I mentioned above, I do not eat meat or buy leather and I do my best to research the products I use to be sure they are not tested on animals. I found a few videos while I was researching this post, but I know well enough that I can’t take watching them so I didn’t link any.

    A-manual: Nope. I’ve never set foot within the Calgary city limits, but I do have a rendez-vous planned there someday.

    Bex: Isn’t it? That’s the sickest thing. When you look at these photos, the little seal is always looking right at its attacker and invariably has its mouth open in what you can only assume is a cry or fear.

    Steve (chuck): I’d like to think that you are making some kind of crack in your comment about dark skin. If not… wow, do you even know me? I don’t think that there is any outrage that is better or more compassionate than another. If world hunger is your issue, run with it. Inform people, share your concern, donate your time and money. Without meaning to sound callous, it isn’t my issue. Thanks for posting that link. Part of the reason that I mentioned and linked the CBC post is because it does a good job of presenting both sides without bias. In fact, it responds to some of the myths that are debunked by your government website, most notably the one concerning revenue. I’m sure there are plenty of myths and rumours on both sides of the seal hunt debate and its likely impossible to get to the real truth.

    Jan, you’re dead on. Like with anything, as long as there is a market, it will keep happening legally or not.

    As I said in the post, I’m not asking you to oppose it, I’m not asking you to act out, I’m just asking that you do something. In that, I included learning more. What you do with what you learn is your business.

    Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful responses. This is what makes having a blog so much fun.

  12. Kristin Says:

    That is really awful. Me…who LOVES to eat meat and all…often can’t get behind alot of animal rights issues. Sometimes I think it is taken too far.
    But this looks awful. Ick.

  13. Say Rah! Says:

    craig makes a good point about the manner in which they’re killed. plus, seals are cute, which i realize is horribly shallow.

    i live in hunting country, so it’s easy to become desensitized to it. i don’t believe in hunting for the sport. and i don’t believe there is a need to hunt for food either.

    i don’t know. i like a good cheeseburger as much [or more than] most & i guess i just don’t think about it.

    i’m too selfish to give up what tastes good.

    and now my comment is about veg-ism, which i know was not the intial point.

  14. Dave J Says:

    I am sure you are well intentioned, but your approach comes off as sounding… wow, just wow. I don’t think anyone here except you makes distinctions like that. A seal is a seal. A human is a human. I am hoping your comment was an attempt at sarcasm.

  15. sherry Says:

    OMG! I never knew this existed. I don’t hunt anything, except bargins! But I’m not opposed to hunting for food but I am opposed to the way it looks like they kill these seals.

  16. Sandy Says:

    Thanks for this post. I’ll sign that petition. This is sickening, This world has enough polyester for everybody, for crying out loud. This is sick. How do these hunters stand themselves, do you think?

  17. Roger Poissenot Says:

    Carly ,
    As you know I wrote in my own Blog about this some time ago.
    I don’t know where you can begin the seal slaughter is really only the tip of the iceberg There is no end to the cruelty people will inflict on the animals in the name of fashion, food production and medicine..
    I watched a program on Medicine Chimps, I cried a almost through-out the entire program.
    Anything you can do is better then sitting on your hands.

  18. webmiztris Says:

    you’d have to have a heart of stone to be able to club a baby seal over the head. what the hell is wrong with these people? I signed the petition.

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