8 AM, Sunday morning

I am excited to report that I got word last night that Bex, on location in Toronto, is officially living my fantasy.  Or at least my Day dream.  Further proof was found in my inbox this morning.  Of course, my initial response was "that slut!," but then I realized that it’s really just a matter of networking, that this will bring me one step closer to executing my grand plan for getting to, as A-Mo likes to call him, The Prime Minister of My Dreams.


I’ve had a lot on my plate these past few days, what with making wishes and dreams come true  and all.  Here is a list of what I’ve been working on:

  • The Falcons winning the Super Bowl.  (Yes, my thoughts have already turned back to football.)
  • The Dismemberment Plan announcing a full reunion tour.
  • Grady winning the Powerball this week.  (He was the only one that offered something back.)
  • Kelly having another baby.  I may not be able to knock her up, but I determined to make her pregnant.  (Hey – she asked for it!)
  • And, the most challenging of my endeavours: making MySpace less annoying.  Here I must note, while I can make things happen, I can not work miracles.  File under: unfinished business.

Here, I will note that you should take a trip over to 25 Peeps and help a girl out.  Just click on this photo when you get there.


6 Responses to “8 AM, Sunday morning”

  1. Erin Says:

    I clicked! Good luck on that – I hope you hang out there for a while 🙂

    You like football?? I like you more and more everyday 🙂 I’m a Patriots fan if you couldn’t tell from my email address, but I do love football in general. And by the way, I don’t think you could put enough “out there in the universe” to ever make it possible for the Falcons to win a superbowl, lol.

  2. kelly Says:

    You’re gonna get Kristin & Dianne all excited…

  3. Vanessa Says:

    HI! I was catching up here too! You have so much interesting-ness going on. I have to really read and absorb. It is great!!! Now, if I ask you to put things out there for me….It could be quite the list….You might put a tip jar on your page if you are going to be taking requests.. wouldn’t that be fun????? So good to be back visiting!!!!Vanessa

  4. Courtney Says:

    I can’t wait to see the real picture! Nice going, Bex!

    And I still maintain that you need to just up and go to see Dismemberment Plan. Have you emailed them yet?

  5. Bex Says:

    I felt like a huge loser getting that photo! I have another one for you too. You should be grateful, considering I didn’t get a single shot of my MP crush.

    And the other thing…how freaking lame are we that we get giddy over politicians?! I have a crush on the freaking Minister of Foreign Affairs, for god’s sake!!

  6. QueenieCarly Says:

    Did you forget that mine is the Minister of Public Safety? I’ve definitely outlamed you there, my friend! But yeah, just that we have them at all? Kinda weak.

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