Blog-Off Bloggers

Here are the others who have accepted the challenge of being involved in Courtney‘s Blog-Off for Breast Cancer.  As the weeks go on, I will strike through the blogs as they are eliminated, but if you’re interested in discovering some cool new writers, check them all out.  They’re great!

Final results:

Runner-up: Adventures of Chris and Evey

Blog-Off Champ!: Write2B

Blaaahhhg (Week 9)
Dirka Dirka (Week 3)
Don MacIntyre (Week 4)
Durante Vita (Week 8)
Joe & Sherry (Week 4)
Just Another Week (Week 12)
Motivated Motion (Week 1)
Sandra’s Goings On (Week 5)
Speaking Quite Franke (Week 7)
Suburban Princess (Week 2)
SuperDuperFantastic (Week 1)
When Tara Met Blog (Week 6)
Write On Track (Week 11)
Yellow & Orange (Week 2)


One Response to “Blog-Off Bloggers”

  1. Tara Says:

    oh man not looking forward to seeing myself crossed off one week. thanks for the link tho 🙂

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