Ashlyn Jesse

The first birth I ever attended was that of my friend Sharlene’s first baby, Brenden.  That was in 1997.  Since then, I have launched a doula business, seen it run its course and I have now entered semi-retirement.  Along the way, I’ve supported more than 30 women and families through pregnancy, labour and birth.  As you can imagine, I’ve had a lot of really amazing experiences in the last ten years, but one of the highlights, one of the greatest things I can say that I’ve done has revolved around Sharlene.

I think back to when Brenden was born and all the things we didn’t know.  You can’t even imagine all that I have seen, the things that I have learned since that time.  It wasn’t until eight years later that Sharlene and I had the chance to work together again.  This time, we were joined by her lovely husband, Jesse.  What a team we three made!  Ava Sharlene came out healthy and as cute as a button on August 29, 2005.  Not to over-credit Jesse and myself, I have to mention here that Sharlene was even stronger and more amazing than I’d remembered. 

I’m happy to announce that last night, for the third (and final!) time, I was called to meet Sharlene at the hospital in order to welcome a new member of their family.  On Saturday, March 24, Ashlyn Jesse became a part of our lives and once again, Sharlene proved to be the most mighty and resilient woman that I know.  She used deep breathing through every single contraction, stayed totally in the zone from beginning to end and coped beautifully.  As with the labours of both of her other kids, she did it all without any kind of pain medication and this time she didn’t even ask!  It was about 6 pm when the nurse told us she was 4 centimeters dilated and 7 lb, 14 oz. Ashlyn arrived at 6:46!  Since the doctor didn’t arrive on time, that makes me the only one who made it to all three births.  I am so proud of that.  If that isn’t a special bond of friendship to share, I don’t know what is.

Congratulations Sharlene and Jesse!  Just like her sister, she’s a real beauty!


12 Responses to “Ashlyn Jesse”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Carly, she is beautiful. You must be so proud to have been there to help Sharlene deliver.

    Many congratulations to the family 🙂

  2. Courtney Says:

    That is so freaking cool.

    Tell Sharlene I said congratulations! I remember how uncomfortable she was at your birthday lunch!

  3. sherry Says:

    Aww… How sweet!
    Congrats to you and the whole family.

  4. SherBears Says:

    Awwww… so cute!

    So, uh Carly… you wanna come to SD around October??

  5. Lael Says:

    Aww how wonderful!

  6. kelly Says:

    That’s incredible – if only it were that quick for every woman. Great pictures – can’t wait to meet the little one in person. You should’ve seen Olivia’s eyes light up when I got the text message that night and read it out to the kids. And then there’s Evan: “Poor Brenden. TWO baby sisters?”.

  7. Toni Says:

    Congratulations to Sharlene and Jason! What a cutie!

  8. lauren Says:

    It must be so amazing to witness a birth, and even more amazing to be a part of it. Congratulations to you, doula, and to Mommy and baby!

  9. Courtney Says:

    Sherry? Really?

  10. Evey Says:

    I had no idea what a doula was until i read this post, in fact I had never even heard that word before, apparently i live in a box. lol

    How awesome to be a part of something so amazing though.

  11. Kristin Says:

    I would so love to have the opportunity to become a doula, or birthing coach. What a rewarding experience!! Such a miracle to behold. Having babies, being pregnant, giving birth are experiences that I truly have treasured and would love to continue that feeling by helping someone else through it. I’m truly envious. What a beautiful baby!!

  12. Sharlene Says:

    Sorry for the late comment. I read the post on Ashlyn but then “baby duty” called and I didn’t get back to it. Secondly, it hurts like hell to sit at the computer chair. Regardless, I really wanted to thank Carly once again for attending the birth of all of my children. Like she already mentioned, since the Dr. never showed, she is the only one who was in attendance at all 3 births. Carly, you truly are an amazing friend and fantastic coach. I do remember parts of those 46 minutes, the early parts anyways. Thanks for both your encouragement and kind words in your post.

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