I struggled for a long time with this prompt for a post.  This is the second week in the Blog-Off For Breast Cancer and I was already stumped.  I have to admit, I love the challenge of meeting a deadline and of coming up with a slant on the key word, but it’s still tough.  I went through all kinds of scenarios… run-ins with police (believe it or not, I’ve had a few), THE Police, hot uniforms… I thought of it all.  Unfortunately, the only thing that really inspired me was Detective Mike Logan.

The Hottest Cop

Long preceding his appearance on Criminal Intent and before Carrie got her claws into her Mr. Big, Chris Noth took on the very influential job of selling crime drama to the average North American woman.  His method?  Bombarding them with pure, unadulterated sexy.

Mike Logan was the original junior detective on Law & Order and appeared on the show through its first five seasons.   He was hot and he was cocky.  A bit of a loose cannon, his interaction with the "perps" was always unpredictable and he seemed to take everything just a step too far without ever being caught.  His character was written so perfectly that while you picked up tidbits of information here and there, you were never bogged down in personal drama.  He was single, but delivered the kind of wink-wink lines that could make any girl swoon.

Man, I loved that guy.  I used to talk to my friends about him and all he did on the show.  We’d repeat his lines to each other and dissect scenes from every episode.  Is it sick that I know that he always chose a plaid tie to wear with his suit?  Not the same tie, always different plaid, but plaid nonetheless.  He also had an American flag pinned to his lapel.  Always.  I was that into the character.  Not since Ponch had a cop had me so enthralled.  (Actually, I was may more a John Baker kinda girl.  You know, for the record.)  Logan was it.  Even 12 after he’s left the show I still watch it.  Without him, I’m not sure I ever would have.  It was no surprise to me when I read in my research that he is considered to be the series’ most popular character ever.

If you’ve only ever seen Detective Logan in his CI incarnation, that’s a shame.  He was a dreamboat back in the day, something about that’s just been lost over time. 


Everyone must have a story or two their involvements with the police and I am no different.  I was once taken in for questioning and I was so pissed when I discovered that the detective wasn’t hot and wasn’t even wearing a suit that there was no way he was getting anything other than attitude from me.  Poor guy.  It’s not his fault that society has created this unrealistic detective ideal, that a REAL detective couldn’t possible meet the standards set by these fictional images that pervade our media.  That said, I still hope to run into a Logan look/act alike someday.  He will interrogate me until the morning comes and I will sing, sing like a bird.

And seriously, women have a thing for firemen?  Puh-lease.

Last week, we said goodbye to two of our Blog-Off members.  Please take some time to stop by to visit Motivated Motion and Super Duper Fantastic.  To see a list of the bloggers still competing, click here, then click through to read their entries.


14 Responses to “Police”

  1. flap Says:

    Oh my Gawd! Why has this subject not come up in one of our garage parties????
    I fucking love Detective Logan!
    I have been a Law & Order fan since the very beginning, solely because of Chris Noth. I was so happy when Dick Wolf brought him back. I just watched him in all of his hostile glory last night.
    And for the record, I knew that he was the ONLY choice for Carrie. We will always have Paris!

  2. Tara Says:

    Love your slant on the word and LOVE Chris Noth–very sexy!

  3. Courtney Says:

    I knew you’d come up with something!

    And what a good something it was! I really loved Chris Noth in Sex & The City. I never saw the original Law & Orders… or even many of the ones on now! Maybe I should go rent them… he’s a great actor.

  4. Evey Says:

    You know, we always say we have nothing and we are stumped and yet we both keep finding away to ramble for the others to read 😉

    I LOVED Law & Order and thanks to you I now have the theme song stuck in my head. And yes Detective Logan was easy on the eyes. *sigh*

    So I am glad you finally found something to post about and I am glad it was about Chris Noth, what a lovely reminder of how sexy he was back then.

  5. Erin Says:

    I know this is SOOOOOO 1950’s – but he is an absolute dreamboat 🙂

  6. John O Says:

    Now you’ve got me thinking. I’ve always had a thing for Detective Andy Sipowicz of NYPD Blue. I couldn’t take my eyes off his character, and then one time, I saw his bare ass!


    John O.

  7. SherBears Says:

    I think I just gooshed in my chair. Great post QC!

    As for firemen, most of them have short hoses, done wasting my time.

  8. ~G Says:

    I feel left out…I don’t watch this show!! But the guy does look familiar. At least we can bond over “CHiPS”. So glad to meet another ‘John Baker’ fan LOL! Wait a sec…I think our age is showing…

  9. Megs Says:

    I knew you had good taste in men Carly… he’s sooooo hot.

  10. chuck Says:

    Tell us more about your run ins with the police!!

  11. Grady Says:

    I only have one question for all the ladies. If he wasn’t so prominent in ‘Sex in the City’ would you feel the same?

    Be honest with yourself, I doubt it.

  12. Evey Says:

    Since I never watched Sex in the City I am going to have say that yes I would still feel the same 😉

  13. Say Rah! Says:

    chris noth/mr. big/whoever doesn’t do a lot for me. elliot stabler is so more my cup of tea on svu.

  14. durante vita Says:

    Yeah, I’d hit it.

    And you’re right, if a cop isn’t hot, he shouldn’t be a cop, which sucks for those that aren’t hot.

    Loved your story!

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