I want to go on The Holiday

Am I the only one who turned absolutely green with envy when Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swapped houses and traveled to a strange country for a two week vacation?  Oh my god!  While I can’t say that I loved this film (although it was pretty good), I really wish I could live in that little English cottage.  Just for a while.  Of course, I’m not a mess and my life is not falling apart, but I could use a break nonetheless.  And going someplace where I don’t know a single person sounds divine.  Meeting Jack Black would be cool too.

As I said, it was a pretty entertaining movie.  So good, in fact, that I was able to overlook the extreme annoyance Cameron Diaz tends to inspire me and I also managed to forget how much I hate Jude Law.

If you want to get a movie, this would be a good option.  Oh, and check out what I’ll be doing while I’m on the Island.  Pacific Mist Hydropath at Kingfisher Resort.  I can’t wait!  We’re also heading Victoria and I get to go to the station to see Ryan ON AIR! and then heading out for dinner.  I wish we could spend more time in the provincial capital, but we just don’t have time.  We do have to get back for Easter and all.

And here’s another thing: I hate April Fool’s Day.  I am categorically opposed to it.  That’s why I slept in until after noon today.  That and the 60th birthday party for my aunt that I went to last night.  Sigh.


7 Responses to “I want to go on The Holiday”

  1. aaron Says:

    This was a fun feel-good romance. It was a little too cute at times, but still entertaining. Jack Black was his usual hilarious self!

  2. Bex Says:

    You’re quite the movie-watcher lately. I’ve heard good things about this one, it’s on my list to watch.

    I hate April Fool’s Day too. Lame.

  3. dawnmarie Says:

    I quite liked that movie myself. Of course I adore Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and even Cameron Diaz is growing on me. I have no opinions one way or the other on Jude Law.

    Carly, we could swap houses, and you could stay in St. Paul. Although if you’re here, I want to be here too…

  4. Grady Says:

    So, I guess things got a little wild at your aunt’s 60th the other night?

    I forgot about April Fool’s Day until one of the football-related websites I go to (it is done blog style) posted about 7 fake stories. I was in shock at the end of my read until I realized the date. That is about the only exposure I get to that “holiday” anymore.

    For reference, the top stories were:

    1) McNabb is going to retire
    2) Dan Snyder is going to sell the Redskins
    3) Joe Theisman is going to host the resurrection of “American Gladiators)
    4) Mike Vick was going to honor his new start with his head coach by legally changing his name to Ron Mexico

  5. SherBears Says:

    I loved that movie! And of course, I totally want to house swap, but no one would ever want to stay in 2 bedroom apartment in SD.

    Cameron Diaz drives me insane! She makes all blondes look bad. Which is why I’m glad I’m a redhead.

  6. Lael Says:

    I hate April Fools Day too.
    Lucky for my the kids forgot.

  7. Say Rah! Says:

    i liked the movie a ton. usually i’m ambivalent on JL, but this movie made me drool, just a little.

    and april fool’s day is fun. c’mon, people! have a sense of humour! 😉

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