My favourite Aries


Today is the day that my dear friend Sharlene, following in my footsteps, turns 32.  For all of the things that she and I have been through in the last 12 years, I can’t imagine what our life as friends will bring!  It may seem to you like the only time I ever mention Sharlene is when she’s having babies, but that isn’t entirely true.  It’s just that we both live very busy lives and most of our communication these days has been through email or over the phone.  I’d like to think that there is something to be said for a friendship that can not only survive, but grow in such circumstances.  I keep thinking that I should really sit down and tell you some of the adventures that Sharlene and I have been on together.  Just thinking of them puts a smile on my face.  Then again, that’s what friendship’s all about, right?  In that case, we’ve got a whole lot of it.  Lucky girls.

Img_4206_2While I’m on the Island right now, she’s at home, probably enjoying her brand new little girl, Ashlyn.  No matter in the world we are, I always know that I can count on Sharlene for understanding and for encouragement.  I doubt I could have been the doula that I am if it hadn’t been for her.  Thank you so much for everything, Sharlene! 

Have a very happy birthday!  We’ll celebrate when I get back.  I promise!


In other news, it seems that in some very strange culture (read: Minnesota), it’s my birthday too.   Isn’t that girl a riot???


5 Responses to “My favourite Aries”

  1. dawnmarie Says:

    Hey, I follow through on my promises!

  2. Bex Says:

    Happy birthday Sharlene! (Don’t you wish that was your cake? It’s gorgeous!)

  3. Kristin Says:

    I wish I could say I concentrated on this post. I just kept staring at that cake and having naughty fantasies about devouring it….

  4. flap Says:

    Happy Birthday Sharlene. That cake looks absolutely amazing!!!

  5. kelly Says:

    Happy (Belated) Birthday, Sharlene. So many memories…wow, I just realized I’ve known her (and you) for almost 11 years! Time flies when you’re having a blast.

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