2_2I don’t really know what to say about this.  I saw this in a parking lot at the shopping mall near my house the day that we left for our holidays.  The blogger in me had to document it. 

As you may be able to tell, someone has written STATUS on the side of this pink Hummer.

    • Can you imagine?
    • What are your thoughts?
    • How does this make you feel?

I’ll let you discuss it amongst yourselves.  I’ll be back at home and settled in by tomorrow.


21 Responses to “Speechless”

  1. flap Says:

    I usually like all things pink. Not this time.

  2. Erin Says:

    Interesting???? Huh, makes you just wonder why!

  3. kelly Says:

    Some jealous bitch just added to my ICBC premium. That’s how I feel. The adjuster in me wants to see some surveillance footage.

  4. QueenieCarly Says:

    I guess I overreacted because I thought it was just crazy and we just stood there staring. No one else seems to really care. I mean someone WROTE on someone’s else’s CAR!

  5. Rach Says:

    If someone wrote on my car right now, it would probably be “Wash me!” in all of the dirt. If someone actually wrote on my car? I would be steaming. Especially if my car was something that spendy.

    As for the statement on the vehicle? I can’t argue with it. Someone who drives something like that really is all about status.

  6. dawnmarie Says:

    That’s a crime, plain and simple. It’s much like people throwing paint on fur coats in days of old. You can disagree with it all you want, but having an opinion does not entitle you to destroy/deface someone else’s property.

    Unless you’re a soldier in a war, you don’t need a hummer. Unless you live on a farm or work construction, you don’t need a truck.

  7. John O Says:

    Wow. That’s shocking (the colour on that hummer), slightly funny (that somebody did that), mean (that somebody did that), and unbelievable (on all accounts).

    It’s one of those things where somebody almost deserves that, but it’s still very wrong.

    You don’t suppose the driver wrote that on there, do you? =) It looks sorta like trendy graffiti, doesn’t it?

    I wonder if the driver looked like Barbie, or if she’s the CEO of some big company who wants more attention.

    Gas must cost a fortune in one of those suckas.

  8. flap Says:

    I have always thought that it is both wrong and cowardly to vandalize anyone else’s property, and I hate to see it done anywhere,for any reason.

    I also thought that the owner might have wrote that themselves. That thought actually crossed my mind first. It was just too neat.

    I liked Kelly’s comment and I think she should investigate!!!!!

  9. Say Rah! Says:

    it’s slightly funny, until you consider that that is someone else’s property. then it’s illegal. but still a little comical. i hate hummers.

  10. Anthrope Says:

    As Nelson from the Simpsons would say, HA-ha!

  11. Tiana Says:

    i guess. doesn’t make me wonder anything…maybe becasue im from LA?

  12. Kagemonsteret Says:

    We dont know if its the owner him/herself that has written it tho(?)

  13. SJ Says:

    My first thought was that the owner decorated the vehicle that way. If it was meant as a social comment by another party wouldn’t it be followed by a question mark? Or is that too deep?

  14. Dex Says:

    I would be PISSED! Holy f’n cow..why do people feel the need to vandalized like this? Karma.

  15. rachael Says:

    i’m thinking that it was actually done by the owner. a pink hummer has to be custom, and who would be walking around a parking garage with a can of PINK spray paint?

  16. QueenieCarly Says:

    Okay, no. The vehicle was pink, but I’m pretty sure the STATUS was a separate, deliberate act whether done by the driver or not.

  17. Jenny Says:

    I’d be pissed if it was mine…but to be honest I’ve felt the urge to do something similiar anytime I see status purchases around town. It’s sickening the amounts of money that are wasted everyday just so someone can show off their supposed success in life.

  18. Alden Says:

    Someone wrote on my car once and hopefully like mine it’ll come off there with a bit of elbow grease.

    Of course, they’ll still be driving a pink SUV, but there’s only so much you can do with car polish. 🙂

  19. Bex Says:

    Not hot on the pink SUV, but my honest feeling is I’m sick and tired of this culture we have of calling down anyone with money who wants to buy toys. What do I care if someone wants a pink Hummer? Anyone who puts effort into defacing someone else’s property to make a point about “status” is jealous, immature, or both. The whole concept that because not everyone can get those things means no one should is stupid. If you want a pink Hummer and have the means to pay for one, all the more power to you. I don’t give a shit. If you can’t get a Hummer and decide to ruin it for someone who can, go to hell. Seriously.

  20. Jane Says:

    Pink is so appropriate for the number one environmental hog of a vehicle. I am sure the pen comes off and I am only surprised that more hummers don’t get tagged with worse graffiti. People no longer get jealous of fuel and energy waste. We all have to live with the consequences in terms of air pollution. I think the general public is coming around to see that this is not a desirable way to spend money.

    Cool picture Carly!

  21. Kev Says:

    I found the owner of that Hummer:

    But seriously, anyone who drives around in a bright pink fake Hummer (the real Hummer was a para-military vehicle that has absolutely nothing in common with the H2 except the name) has got to expect a little protest from the rest of society. That’s precisely why they bought it – to get a rise out of people. Judging by their choice of vehicle, it doesn’t really matter whether the attention they get is positive or negative. That’s how starved for attention I think they are. That vehicle is a compensator, kinda like a Russian trophy wife or a pit fighting dog with a 5lb chain around its neck. Something’s probably missing, and it’s left a hole I doubt even a Hummer can fill.

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