Bye bye Belomi!

News_upfront2Enough about the marathon hockey game already, Vancouver.  I get it.  It was long.  Now it’s over.  Move on.  If you’d lay off the incessant chatter for a minute, you might come to realize that you’ve missed a way bigger story.

Typical of any spoiled little rich girl, it seems the world of politics has become a pinch too tedious for Belinda Stronach and now it’s back into the loving arms of Daddy Magna International for her. 

Few will be sorry to see her go.  Me, I’m baking a cake.

This is just another example of Ms. Stronach’s utterly fickle nature, her inability to stick to her word and her total lack of fidelity.  The some 60 000 constituents in Newmarket-Aurora should count themselves lucky.   For that matter, the entire nation should breathe a big sigh of relief.

Watch out Tie Domi.  You’re bound to be next.


5 Responses to “Bye bye Belomi!”

  1. Battlerocker Says:

    The Aves are out, and with them went all my concern for the NHL. Still good reading you have here. Good luck in BOTB.

  2. Bex Says:

    That picture is hysterical!! I guess she’s sticking out the rest of her term, though. And there is one other person who likely considers himself lucky, too. Heh.

    And hockey? BORING. I’m already annoyed at all the lame flags on cars I’m seeing everywhere.

  3. Evey Says:

    lol. This picture IS funny. I don’t remember much about her but the pic is awesome.

  4. QueenieCarly Says:

    Those damn car flags are driving me bonkers! I can’t wait until everybody has to take them down out of utter shame later this week. Nice.

    That picture just cracks me up whenever I see it. Damn, that shit’s funny.

  5. John O Says:

    Car flags rule. I saw a cab the other day with 6 flags on it, and a sticker. In Tsawassen. Nice!

    What would she be wanting with Tie Domi? Jeez. How fugly that guy is.

    Seeing how much you like Harper, I can see why you don’t like her after “crossing the floor” and all. Maybe that pink Hummer was hers?


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