6a00c22527ff6d8e1d00c225270edc604aThe first thing I thought of when I read this week’s Blog-Off For Breast Cancer prompt was one of my favourite albums ever made.  Clarity by Jimmy Eat World.  Meditating on the title for a few minutes, I started to think about how perfect a title it really is for a record.  I’m sure I can’t be the only one who finds music to be soothing in times of turmoil.  In fact, I know I’m not.  I’ve heard a million times from a million people about songs that they identify with, songs that can always deliver them solace.  It stands to reason that since humans have been making music forever we have an innate attraction to it.  We use it to celebrate, to commemorate, to grieve and to remember.  It represents happiness, love, regret and sorrow.  You be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t turn to music when in need of comfort.  I strongly believe that it is because we have a deep need for understanding and while those close to you can provide support and guidance, it’s doubtful that anyone can really understand.  Melody and heartfelt lyrics can be embraced and molded to fit exactly what we need in any given moment, be it happy or sad, while remaining adaptable to very different needs at another time.  For example, a bittersweet ballad could one day make us swoon with the possibility of new love only to bring tears to the eye months down the road when it becomes clear that said love was never meant to be what we’d initially expected.  Essentially, music provides us with proof that who we are and what we are feeling is not unique, that there are others out there who once felt the same way, that everything can be overcome and, more than anything, that we are not alone.  And isn’t that exactly the clarity that we all need?


8 Responses to “Clarity”

  1. Tara Says:

    I like Jimmy Eat World, but I don’t have that album, i’ll have to add it to my wishlist then.

  2. Courtney Says:

    One of these days I’ll remember to pick up a Jimmy Eat World album so I can hear what you love so much.

    In the meantime. I agree that music is huge. I actually have a post formulating about the power of music in sparking memories- for me it is especially good for bringing up relationships past. Music truly makes the word go ’round.

  3. Courtney Says:

    So I went way more off-topic than I realized and intended. Music does provide a certain clarity. I especially love it when you hear those certain lyrics that give you the lightbulb moment, the turn of phrase or piano solo that gives you shivers and brings you exactly the knowledge you were seeking in the chords.

  4. C~ Says:

    Exactly. Great post. I kept hearing songs this week that helped me finally figure out what to write about. the folks in the band Sugarland had not even gotten out of diapers when I found Steve…well, maybe grade school…but the songs “Settlin'” and “Something More” both make me remember how I felt back then…

  5. Diane Says:

    I could live without television. I could live without cinema. But don’t ask me to live without music.

  6. ~G Says:

    Music really does affect us, eh! I remember staring out the car window after my son’s funeral and the music from Last of the Mohicans was playing. Whenever I hear that music or music like it I think of blue skies with white puffy clouds…and miniature white roses. Oddly enough I find it to be very soothing to my spirit.

  7. Bex Says:

    I think we’ve talked about this before, but I literally can count back the years in my life based on songs I heard around those times. I remember as a kid my mom always used to say, “this song used to be on the radio around the time you were born,” and now I completely understand.

    Great post. You’re tops this week! 😉

  8. durante vita Says:

    Yes, music can do lots for me. I quote lyrics often. And I feel silly about it.

    Good work!

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