I Predict a Riot

Props to The Kaiser Chiefs:

  • Great job taking the stage.  There was no warming up, no big introduction.  The lights just shut off, but as soon as we realized that, bright white lights shone in our faces and there they were.  KC.
  • Perfect front man.  As I told Bex after the show, I doubt they’d be where they are without him.  They’re good, but he stole the show.  He drew the crowd in and made them his little puppets (ourselves included.)  Easily in the top five front men I’ve ever seen.  He even found the time to smile a lot.  His enjoyment made us enjoy the show.  And he looks a LOT like Adam, only shorter.
  • They’ve got it going on.  Entirely.  Laughs, smiles and plenty of audience participation.  The last time I saw a band have this much fun, it was when Jimmy Eat World were here in September 2005.  They also had Cow Bell.  Need I say more?
  • A fantastic new album.  They show a great deal of growth from their previous album.  I’m not too familiar with either of them, but the new stuff is way more appealing.
  • Ruby.  It’s so awesome when a great song translates to a really good live performance.  They did not let us down.  #4 on the set list, no less.  They don’t even care about blowing their wad early.  That’s hot.  (They even played I Predict A Riot before we left.)


The only downside?  (And it was a BIG one.)

  • Talking about the Canucks.  That was the moment we looked at each other and, although words were totally unnecessary, said "So, are we done then?"  Yep.

See them if you can.  Really.


4 Responses to “I Predict a Riot”

  1. Lael Says:

    Oooh I’m glad you had fun!
    Yeah,my thoughts exactly on the Canucks.
    That’s why I’m not on the bandwagon yet,lol

  2. Aaron Says:

    Go Canucks go!!!

  3. John O Says:

    Cowan the Brabarian strikes again! =)


  4. Mel Says:

    I am jealous, Love that song Ruby! I am here via BOTB but I will be back 🙂

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