Like any city, it has its faults.  Like any trip, it had its good times.

The highlight of any trip to Portland is Amy.  Unlike the other trips I’ve taken to the city, this time I got to spend some good quality (eating & shopping) time with my girl.  She even upped the Dex ante this time by getting her bro, Mike, out for some drinks.  We all headed to McMenamin’s Kennedy School on Sunday night, spent some time in the Detention Room and even remembered to have some dinner too.

The train’s a pretty cool way to travel provided you get conductors who are not interested in broadcasting their entire romantic history at the top of their lungs.  Rebecca was lucky enough to fall asleep face down on the table (1 drink) for most of the insufferable leg.  We were redeemed on the way back when we met Chad, the repair dude, who not only shared his precious dining car table, but also regaled us with wonderful stories about the lengths some people will go to in the name of being kicked off a train.  It was fabulous.

We didn’t just arrive in Portland with nothing to do, this wasn’t just pleasure.  No, we had priorities and we wasted no time.  First thing first, we went to PF Chang’s China Bistro, a mandatory stop every time I hit any American city.  I haven’t publicized this yet, I’m not even really talking about it either, but I have recently started to integrate a vegan diet into my life.  My standard order had to change, but I stuck to it and left there stuffed with a great meal and as satisfied as I’ve come to expect.  I’d even like to note here that after we finished our shared lettuce wraps, Amy said "I think these are even better than the chicken ones."  First Rebecca, then Clay and now Dex.  I rest my case.

I freaking love PF Chang’s.  If I hadn’t had such strict guidelines when I posted about my favourite restaurants, or if we had one here in Canada, it totally would have made the list.

I guess it was prom night when we landed in Portland on Saturday.  Everywhere we went, we were accosted with tulle and taffeta.  Always ones to look on the bright side, we decided to turn lemons into lemonade and planted ourselves on a street side bench to do our best Go Fug Yourself impersonation while waiting for our table.   Everybody wins!  We guide the youth of today while they walk away just a little bit wiser.  And to the girl who inadvertently flashed her cooch at us and everyone else: Nice work, princess!

When we were done out dinner, we headed across the road to pop Rebecca’s Powell’s cherry.  It was really a shame that The City of Books was open for less than an hour when we showed up, but we made it back there again before we left.  I’m convinced that there could never be enough time to feel satisfied that I saw everything I wanted too.  It’s just too huge.  And given the my current temperature towards literature, it’s safe to say I walked out of there with a LOT of books.  Too many, in fact, to fit in my luggage.  More about that later this week.

Where else did I spend more than I’d expected?  Sephora.  I hesitate to say I spent too much because I’m perfectly satisfied with the money I kissed goodbye, I just never thought I’d be returning with some many lovely tubes and bottles.  And yes, weird border dude, I didn’t tell you about this stuff, I know I said it was just books, but you just wouldn’t have understood.  I know it.  I’ve recently changed to a new skin care line, one that the best store in the world stocks more thoroughly than any place I’ve ever seen.  It had to buy some.  I also found hair care products that are completely vegan from what’s used to make it right down to the ink on the packaging.  It would have been wrong for me to not buy some of that.  Then there were the lip glosses.  And the tools.  And the…  If anybody asks, I live in Oregon.  Hey, if anyone deserves to be a Beauty Insider, it’s me.

Late Sunday night, we said goodbye to the Dex kids and we were on our own.  Out wandering the streets in the rain and trying to find a drink, we stumbled upon the Virginia Cafe.  Man, it was great.  I guess you’d probably call it a dive bar – I love that!  It’s been at that location since 1922.  That’s85 years! 

Img_4761You may notice that I failed to mention a thing about our "hotel," the Paramount.  Nice room, I’ll give it that, but $9.95 per day for wireless?  In a city that has FREE WIRELESS anywhere downtown?   Whatever.

In short, we ate, we shopped and we drank.  And we came back feeling like we spent more time in travel than we did at our destination.  It was a good trip and, as usual, I’m wallowing in my Vancouver fueled self-pity.  Sometimes I really hate it here.


3 Responses to “PDX”

  1. Vegas Princess Says:

    I am just laughing up a storm after this post. Prom kooch (thought my hubby and I were the only ones to really use that word!), popping Cherries, orgasmic reactions to stores…sounds like a great trip!

    We have a Sephora here in Vegas, a few actually I believe and I have yet to visit one. I think I may now have to pop in after your glowing review. We also have PF Changs and I have yet to eat there. I am excited to have two new things to visit! Thanks!

    Welcome back…glad you’re here even if you wished you stayed in Portland, perhaps hiding under a lip gloss counter.

  2. Courtney Says:

    It sounds like you guys had a fantastic time. I’m ridiculously jealous. I need a weekend away! I also need to haul my sorry ass into a Sephora store because I uhm, have never been.

  3. dawmarie Says:

    We have PF Changs here. I’ve never been, I forgot you’re love for them.

    You entertain as always.

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