The Post-Pay For Play post

Okay, I thought that whole Pay For Play thing yesterday was going to be cool, but I was way wrong.  It was fucking fantastic!  I only had time to listen to about four hours of the eight hour fundraiser, but I had so much fun!  I even thought about phoning in sick just to stick around and hear the rest.  I’d read about how it would all go down, but in reality it was way better than I’d expected.

Here’s the deal: In support of the Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay for Kids in Victoria next weekend, you could call up The Q! and pay to have them play anything (anything!) for a minimum $10 donation.  Even better was that if someone requested something you weren’t digging, you could call in and stop playment by paying $10 more than the person requesting it did.  It was great.  All of a sudden, mid-song, an alarm would sound and you’d hear a message saying that the song had been stopped.

Whoever came up with this idea is a genius!

I had worked the night before so I was sleeping all day and it wasn’t until I heard the Nelly Furtado request (Maneater, subsequently STOPPED!) on air that I realized I was so excited about this event that I’d had a dream about talking to one of the other DJs about it while I was in the control room during the fundraiser.

Songs I heard:

  • Kashmir by Led Zeppelin (who’s going to stop that?)
  • Downtown by Petula Clark (STOPPED!)
  • Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden
  • Fishing In The Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  • Time Warp
  • Numa Numa by O-Zone (I seriously wondered who the hell would spend money to stop a song.  That was until I heard this.  The only thing that prevented me from making that call is the fact that I was in the bath tub, my phone was in the kitchen and Aaron was out.  I even thought of making a mad wet and naked dash just to make it STOP!)
  • Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (by far, the most imaginative request I heard)

Oh, and I think there was one other one I remember.  Yeah, one that went out with an unexpected challenge "to anyone who blogs" only after getting the smart ass treatment from a DJ who had "never heard of them."  That song?

Yeah, some bitch named Theresa paid $60! to stop a never before heard (by me) LIVE version of MY SONG!  Little did she know, it cost her about $2 a second because it was more than half way through a 2.3 minute song.  Serves you right, you fucking heathen.

I spent 12 hours at work last night fantasizing about hunting that Theresa down and giving her an education.

In conclusion:

  • Theresa is an asshole.
  • The world still isn’t ready for the Dismemberment Plan.
  • The Q! has got a seriously great thing going on with their Pay For Play event.

The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich

Listening was addictive.  I kept wanting to call back.  My second selection?  Well, there’d been a noticeable absence of rap and I started seriously considering calling in again to request Microphone Fiend by Eric B & Rakim.  You know, a (if not THE) classic.  The only thing that stopped me was that I had to go to work and would never get to hear it.

I’m kicking myself for not sharing news of this fundraiser with more people.  Everyone I told at work last night asked me why I hadn’t mentioned it before, told me that they’d have been totally down with requesting something.  Next year, I’ll spread the word.  I promise.


2 Responses to “The Post-Pay For Play post”

  1. Vegas Princess Says:

    This is such a great idea. I wish the radio stations here would have something like this because it would be so much fun to call in and stop songs you don’t like. Reminds me of the bars that have dueling piano players and you tip them to play songs but someone can over tip you and get them to stop playing something.

    Sorry your song got interrupted. They don’t give you the option to call back in to pay more money to keep it on the air?

  2. Courtney Says:

    That is a really great idea. I love it. They do it every year? You should see if they’d do one to raise money for breast cancer. *wink wink*

    And I’ll hold Theresa down for you, if you want.

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