I’m out

So, it has come to end.  My fellow Blog-Off participants finally gave me the boot this week.  I’ll admit to being a little relieved and I’ll also ‘fess to being shocked that it’s taken so long.  I outlasted some seriously great blogs and, to be honest, I just don’t know how.  Week after week, I did my best.  I gave it my all, but truth is, I haven’t been feeling it since friendship.  Ah well, I tried.  And now they’re down to four.

Check them out today when they blog about camping.

(Here, I’d have posted about the time I was sitting at work with a friend and someone asked me "Do you like camping?"  Spencer spoke before I had the chance.  "Heh.  Yeah, Carly likes sleeping under the stars.  Five of them.")

As I said, along the way, we lost a few great bloggers.  Blame it on voters having their heads up their asses, I don’t know, but there were a few that I really missed as the weeks went on and they were eliminated from the group.  Speaking Quite Franke was always good for a laugh, regardless of the prompt we were given.  Durante Vita was a wizard when it came to taking a normal everyday word and thinking right out of the box, offering some kind of angle that no one else seemed to have even thought of.  Go and pay him a visit, but consider yourself warned: this guy’s a thinker.  Blaaahhhg is the kind of place you want to visit when you have a lot of time to spare and you’re not opposed to spending time with a friend.  Erin does an amazing job of drawing her reader in and making her feel that she just fits right in her world.  These were the blogs I was really sad to see go.

In all I had a lot of fun, I even learned a few things too.  Mostly about the ways that people conduct themselves and about trusting other in they say.  I’m fairly certain that the person who is targeted by this statement will recognize that it’s for them and them alone, but I don’t doubt that ego will find a way to justify actions lacking entirely in integrity.  Sometimes people suck.  I always seem to forget that.

To see the posts that I came up with for the blog-off, click on any of the keywords below.

Blog on, blog-offers! 


11 Responses to “I’m out”

  1. John O Says:

    Nice job to make it to the final 5 or 6. You and Evey both did extremely well. And she’s still in it! Survivor Interwebs style.

  2. dawnmarie Says:

    hey, fyi, the cats out of the bag on my site.

    I always enjoyed your blog-off posts, I would occasionally read the others, but mostly I stuck with who I knew.

  3. Kristin Says:

    Hey, I think you did pretty good. I like your idea of sleeping under the stars. LOL

  4. kelly Says:

    I don’t know – I think I might try just one more time to get you out this summer. I AM planning a girls only camping weekend – Adam will be there just long enough to set up the trailer for us. And the generator, in case we want to bring a blender! (totally kidding…it’s for the coffee maker and toaster in the morning).

  5. Erin Banks Says:

    thanks for the shout out! i’ve become a regular reader of yours through the blog-off. you are officially subscribed to in my bloglines, a rare honor, really.

  6. Diane Says:

    It was sad to see YOU voted off, Carly. At least the next blogoff, we won’t have to eliminate people. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  7. Adele Says:

    well congrats on being a top fiver. I shall take some time and have a look at some of the other blogs you recomended when i can.

  8. Courtney Says:

    It’s definitely been more and more difficult to eliminate and giving you the boot was painful. Giving anyone the boot is painful.

    Next round… next round.

  9. Erin Says:

    That’s a bummer – but you did an awesome job! I loved the things you wrote about each and every subject!!

  10. Evette Says:

    I was with Evey in Boston when we found out that you were voted out. So sad! I loved reading your posts ever week…even if I don’t know you! btw…your pictures of Victoria made me so homesick!

  11. Vegas Princess Says:

    I am so sorry you got voted out. I always enjoyed reading your posts, they seemed well thought out and really well written to me.

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