Focusing on the blissfully unimportant

I’ll admit it, I’ve kind of lost my blogging mojo the last couple of weeks.  Time’s been killing me, I just never seem to have enough of it.  It’s like I’m trying to get things done, but I’ve become completely ineffective.  I’ve never been great with time management, but I’m pretty good at crossing things off my to do list.  That was, until lately.  I’m just treading water these days, barely keeping my head above water.  That said, I don’t want you to think I’ve been sitting around doing nothing.  Nope, I’ve managed to accomplish a few things this week.

  • I nurtured my pleasure receptors.  4 books read, 2 movies watched and 3 new records listened to, my entertainment needs have been well taken care of.
  • I executed a last minute (by my standards) plan to celebrate with Amy in Portland next weekend.
  • I laughed when my partner at work (not to be confused with my work husband) told me "Yeah, we were at Superstore yesterday and they have this natural, organic section.  I stopped and looked around and I said to (his wife) ‘Fuck.  Being in here is just like being at work.’"
  • I heard and nearly fell over when he told me "I don’t want to discriminate here just because you are a woman, but when you’re walking around here, do you think you could do it more… sexy?"
  • I bought a mini-skirt.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, according to my critics "it’s not as short as I think it is," but I like calling it that.
  • I wore said mini-skirt out on Thursday night.  I like to think I even rocked it a little.  Well, I rocked something anyway.
  • I immersed myself in new Western Lacrosse Association season by going to two games in five days.  My team lost both, but only by one goal.
  • I contemplated how to fill the hole that quitting my doula business has left in my life and came up with some pretty good leads.

All in all, I’ve had a pretty good week.  Just one more night of work and I’m back on days off that are likely to be spent wasting all kinds of time on peripheral activities.  Hopefully, at some point soon, I’ll rediscover my creative energy and be able to continue on entertaining you in the style you’ve grown accustomed to.  Hang tight, kids.


15 Responses to “Focusing on the blissfully unimportant”

  1. Erin Says:

    I think it sounds like you had a fun couple of weeks. I wish I could “nuture” my reading too, I felt like I haven’t read a book in years!!!

  2. Aaron Says:

    Good for you, have fun and do whatever makes you happy! Tread water if you need to, you can’t be going full steam ahead 365 days a year, right??! =)

  3. Vegas Princess Says:

    You have been busy! Have fun and don’t worry about us. We’ll be here when you decided to fill us in.

  4. jan Says:

    I refer to those times as moistening my creative juices.

  5. chuck Says:

    Girl, you in a mini skirt would totally rock!! Yo one hot mamacita!

  6. Evey Says:

    FOUR books in one week? That is madness! How did you have time to do anything else? Unless of course you are one of those super speed readers.

    What movies did you watch?

    Lacrosse hey? Chris has been watching that lately.

  7. QueenieCarly Says:

    Read something, Erin! I have the perfect suggestion. Just ask!

    Treading water is no fun. I thought you knew me better than that, Aaron. You do have a point, though.

    Thanks for your patience, VP. I feel like I haven’t had a single moment online lately. Not a productive one, anyway. (If such a thing exists.)

    Jan: At least I know somebody’s on my level. Call it what you will. (I like that!)

    Aw, Steve. My little softie! Can I buy you a drink? Soon???

    I watched Little Children (review to come) and most of Before Sunset. And yeah, lacrosse. I’ve been a big fan always. In New West, it’s an institution.

  8. Evey Says:

    Im a little dissapointed everyone else got mentioned by name and I didn’t. I cried a little…… 😉

  9. QueenieCarly Says:

    Oh, hush now. Funny thing is, I actually thought of that as I read it just after it was posted, EVEY!

  10. Evey Says:


  11. Adele Says:

    yay!! I love reading books and watching movies. i suffer from a lack of time management too.

  12. Courtney Says:

    Yeah, have you seen my blog lately? Probably not because it’s only updated when it’s blog-off time. So pathetic!

    I have no excuses. Actually, I have a few really big excuses, but whatever. I haven’t been reading either. I just finished my first book for July today. Oy.

  13. Courtney Says:

    And the skirt was hot. I should have taken a full-body picture of it. Damn hindsight.

  14. Courtney Says:

    Er. First book for June. Shut up.

  15. dawmarie Says:

    Lacrosse, eh? We (5 of us) totally have NLL season tickets down here. New nothing about it when we bought the tickets.

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