Until now, you’ve only fantasized about it being this intense

So, remember the Blog-Off of for Breast Cancer?  That fundraiser that Courtney was doing to raise money for her 3 Day Walk in September?  Well, it’s winding up today.  That’s right, there are only two bloggers left standing and today is the big showdown.  My dear friend, Evey has managed to hang in there all this time, but she has some stiff competition in Cyndi.  Today, the girls square off to blog about shampoo.  I’m not sure what the contestant was thinking when they suggested that word, but it’s what they’re stuck with and is sure to be a solid final challenge.  Blog away, ladies!  And for the rest of you, check out their posts (to be up before midnight PST today), weigh in with me and let me know how you think I ought to vote.

My thoughts on shampoo?  Thank christ Herbal Essences has switched gears on their advertising.  This shit was damn annoying.

If you’d like to donate to Courtney’s cause, please click below.


2 Responses to “Until now, you’ve only fantasized about it being this intense”

  1. Ginny Says:

    That was a tough word! I thought both entries were entertaining and so true…but my vote would be for Write2B!

  2. Vegas Princess Says:

    I can’t wait to read the entry, but even before I have to vote for Evey because she’s my friend too! 🙂

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