Get in where you fit in

So, all is said and done with our first ever Blog-Off and we have a winner.  Congratulations to Cyndi at Write2B.  More important than taking half the money raised, she takes the title as Champion Blogger

For those of you who have not been paying attention, my girl Courtney set up the Blog-Off to raise money for her Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk in Seattle this September.  We all threw in $10 and each week, we were given a word to blog about.  Areyoureadytoscoreprintc10289822After all posts went up, all the participants were charged with the task of ranking them in the order we preferred them.  We sent our votes in and Courtney secretly tallied all the scores and reluctantly eliminated the lowest scoring blog each week.  Each word was chosen by a different competitor and some were more challenging than others.  (Regrets ended up being the end of the road for me.)  It was
a great exercise to just be given a topic and have to roll with it.  The whole thing took nearly three months to run its course and over that time, I discovered some really great blogs that I might not have otherwise and through that I’ve made some really cool friends.  These are just a few of the reasons that I’m excited to bring word of the Blog-Off 2.0.

Here’s the deal this time around… $10, 4 weeks, one word per week.  Courtney will email the words out on Tuesday, posts will need to be up by midnight PST on Thursday.  Posts can be as long as you want them to, but have to be a minimum of 50 words.  Come Friday morning, every blogger will need to rank their top three posts in order.  Each blogger’s favourites will receive scores of 15, 10 or 5 points based on the order they’re ranked and those scores will accumulate over the period of the Blog-Off.  At the end of the four weeks, the person with the highest score will win half the money raised in participation.  No eliminations (the exception being if a blogger does not post) and a shorter playing time. 

So, here’s my challenge.  I want to see everyone I know, everyone who has a blog, that is, (and if not, why not create one?) get in on this.  It’s only $10 and it’s great fun in blogging, increased traffic and exposure to new blogs that you might never see otherwise.  I recruited Evey last time and she made it to the finals.  This time around, Amy‘s in, as is Kelly.  Erin at Whatever Blows My Skirt… threw her hat in the ring and so did Amanda at Life, VEGAS! Style.  You’re next.

Seriously, Courtney’s going to be walking for sixty freaking miles (do you even know what that is in kilometres??) for three damn days.  The least you could do is blog a little in support.

To get in on the action, email Courtney with the following:

Your name (how you’d like to be referred to throughout the competition):
Your email address:
Your blog name:
Your blog URL:

Or let me know and I’ll get your details to her.

Come on, kids.  Bring it!


7 Responses to “Get in where you fit in”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Fabulous post and amazing recruiting skills. We have fifteen people already and another week and a bit to go before we get started!

  2. Toni Says:

    Fabulous post! If I wasn’t already in, I’d be in from this post.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Oh man! I want front-row seats….showdown!!! Blog the hell outta each other, fight, fight fight!

  4. Evette Says:

    Wow Girl! look at your recruiting skills! Well Evey’s roped me in this time as last time I loved reading all the blogs! Will be great fun! (Shame I have an 8 hour disadvantage…living in England and all!)

  5. Jason Buckley Says:

    I’m in on this round too!

  6. Vegas Princess Says:

    I can’t wait for this, it is so exciting! I can’t believe it starts next week already!

  7. Abhijeet Says:

    This is cool competition going on – great to see a new way to get people together, blog and have it available for others to read. I wish I can get in.

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