As if you didn’t already know

I rock.  Well, when it comes to blogging, anyway.  Here’s how Amanda described me on her blog, Life, VEGAS! Style:

The mere fact that Carly reads as much as I do and has similar tastes
in books makes her Rockin’ material. I always find people who are well
versed in literature are well versed in life and Carly is no exception
to this rule. Her blog is fun, friendly and even at times informative.
I know I have picked up several books, movies and restaurants I need to
check out because of her raving reviews. She’s a rockin’ gauntlet of

I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had the chance to update my links or give props to my favourite bloggers.  Until now.  With the power vested in me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger, I’ll now tell you about the five blogger friends of mine I feel most deserve the same recognition.

  • Erin.  I found Erin’s blog (Blaaahhhg) through Courtney’s first Blog-Off.  Here’s how she describes herself: i like ice cream. my favorite word is melancholy. i’m obsessed with my
    dog. i love the ocean, familiar laughter, books, words, rainy days,
    sunny days, my sunroof open, itunes, the tingle of a slight sunburn,
    reef flops, Jamba Juice. . . i hate socal traffic, the name "Heather",
    when people chomp their food, couples who use pet names, most
    vegetables, and the list could go on and on. . .
      How could you not love her?  The answer is, you couldn’t.  She rocks, no question.
  • Vanessa Valencia.  A trip over to A Fanciful Twist always rocks.  Every second that I spend there feels like a wander through a magical meadow where fairies do exist.  Her pages are full of beautiful pictures and lovely stories and all kinds of amazing artwork.  If her blog isn’t enough for you, visit her new Etsy store to adorn your own home.
  • Monkee.  Every time I think about writing something like this, about singing the praises of some of the blogs I love, Monkee comes to mind.  She totally rocks.  Why, you ask?  Because she is damn funny!  I defy you to read a page of her posts and not laugh out loud.  Nothing says rock in my world like that.
  • Amy.  Sure, my girl goes through dry spells, but what can you do?  We all suffer sometimes.  Thing is, whenever she has Pancake Batter up and running, she’s sharp and she’s wry and she gives the people what they came for: the strong feeling that comes from being with Amy.  Take it from someone who has been there, that rocks.  Whether she’s talking books or basketball, it’s always worth the read. 
  • Kuanyin.  I can’t even remember how Kuanyin stumbled on my blog, but I’m glad she did!  A resident of Maui, visits to Who’s Yo Mama? are my vicarious tropical vacations.  Her gentle and welcoming nature shine through in her writing.  If you want to know why she rocks, well then go and check her out.

I would have chosen Vegas Princess as one of my Rockin’ Bloggers if she hadn’t picked me first.  If you’ve never had the experience, please do go and check out her blog.  She’s awesome.  And I’m not just saying that because she’s a lot like me.

And thanks again, Amanda!

Edited to add:  I forgot to mention that everyone I mentioned is meant to rip that button off here and post their own list of Rockin’ Girl Bloggers.  Get to it…


2 Responses to “As if you didn’t already know”

  1. emjaydex Says:

    I’m sure I’m number 6 or 7. That’s cool. We can’t all start…some of us have to come off the bench.

  2. emjaydex Says:

    Just cause I’m not a girl doesn’t mean I can’t be in the top 5 girl blogs. Just please say I’m in your T-Mobile top 5? Charles Barkley won’t return my calls.

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