There’s something dangerous going on

11And it goes by the name Adrian Grenier.  He is just too hot for my own damn good and that’s a fact that it’s getting really hard to try and conceal.  I don’t even watch Entourage (although somebody seriously needs to buy me those DVDs) nor have I sat through more than one movie he’s ever been in, but I keep seeing his face on the TV and I can barely stand it.  I was on the phone yesterday and the conversation stopped dead as some tabloid cameraman caught a shot of him just walking by, a shot that I barely glimpsed from the corner of my eye.  The somewhat serious chat between my girlfriend and I were having was dropped and in an attempt to resume it (after an obviously rude pause of more than an appropriate few seconds), all I could come up with was "Fuck, Adrian Grenier is hot."  Apparently, she has issue with his height.  Me, I don’t even care.  (And height’s a pretty big deal to me.)  Really, he’s left me with very little to care about, as I am completely paralyzed the second he flashes that gorgeous smile. 

If anyone sees Jimmy Fallon, tell him he’s got serious competition.  Yes, even after all these years.

(And if you need further proof, click on that Entourage link up there.  Seriously.  I dare you.)


8 Responses to “There’s something dangerous going on”

  1. dawnmarie Says:

    I love Adrian Griener. I’m ridiculously attached to Drive Me Crazy because he’s in it. And I saw Devil Wears Prada only because he’s in it.

  2. Toni Says:

    I love Drive Me Crazy because of him!

  3. Dex Says:

    Seriously? PIT.

  4. Vegas Princess Says:

    I have to laugh because you sound just like me. I get into a trance with some people and no one understands how I can become so obsessed with someone I don’t even know…it’s nice to know I have company.

    And Adrian is hot!

  5. QueenieCarly Says:

    But does anyone other than the wonderfully devoted (to me and the show) friend who is sending me DVDs actually watch Entourage?

    Amy swears I will LOVE it. Do you?

  6. Kristin Says:

    Oh I clicked on that link. And thank you.

  7. John O Says:

    I love the unibrow. It’s a real turn on.

  8. QueenieCarly Says:

    Don’t be a hater, Johnny.

    Yeah, Kristin? You’re welcome.

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