I love a good wine (& cheese)

So, Kelly and I deliberated dates for her semi-housewarming and my own regular old party night.  In the end, after some last minute changes to accommodate a potentially mischief packed night of my doing next week, she settled on having hers this weekend.  Friday night, we all trekked from far and wide to her new place armed with wine (my selection was Blasted Church‘s Hatfield’s Fuse) and cheese (or, in the case of my vegan ass, olives.)  It was most of the usual crowd and if I’d known how much fun we would end up having, well, I don’t know, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  (Yeah, you read it right.  That bottle she’s holding is called Kelly’s Revenge.)

The moment that Piera turned to me and said to her sister "Carly has lots of stories" I was on.  Kelly and I laughed about a few of our adventures before I launched into one of my old favourites about Sharlene and I in Seattle.  Coincidentally, when Sharlene showed up minutes later, she had not only Ashlyn in her arms, but also the photos of my French paramour from that exact incident.  Sigh.  Long into the night, we exchanged narratives about crazy nights, trips, lovers we’ve had over the years and everyone had something to share.  We discovered that there are certain things that we all have in common that we would never have expected to, while at the same time we realized that we’re all different in a lot of ways.  (For instance, can you guess what is the one thing that I carry in my wallet that no one else there does?)  I swear that the older I get, the more I enjoy girls nights more than any others. 

It was great to see Ashlyn (and her mom) again, especially since she’s getting so big now!  I even got to hold her, but not for more than five minutes before she totally passed out on me.  And damn, that baby’s hot.  Like, I mean, I had to go outside because I was totally having hot flashes while she was just laying around there in my arms.  I got to ham it up pretending that I am not a baby person and we even took some photos.  (I think Kelly’s are better.  I was more focused.)  As real as it may look, I was just in character, people.  A few minutes after Sharlene left, while we were all out back on Kel’s deck, the following exchange took place.

Kelly: I cut myself and I have no idea how.
QueenieCarly: What do you mean?  Where?
K: On my leg.  See?  I just reached down and scratched there and then noticed there was blood on my hand.  I don’t know what happened.  I have no idea what I could have done.
Rebecca: What did you do?  You cut yourself?
K: Yeah, here.  I just don’t know how I did it.
QC: You probably cut yourself on that baby.

The three of us (along with Kelly’s friend who I’d never met before last night) stuck it out later than anyone else (said new friend tuckered out a little early, but it was a valiant effort.)  What could draw a night like this to a close?  Surely, it wasn’t the clock striking three.  Nope, it was the limit we’d put on the number of times Rebecca’s new snooty glasses hit the ground.  Three strikes we’re out.  Of course, we didn’t include the one time that prompted this quote, another one for the books.

"Oh my god.  I just laughed so hard that my snooty glasses fell in the recycling!"


I am not exaggerating when I say that I haven’t laughed as much as I did that night in years.   And I wouldn’t be lying if I said I agreed with Rebecca wholeheartedly when she said:

"Fuck, we are funny.  I love hanging out with us." 

This was, of course, just after lamenting that we wished Amy could have been there and that we really missed her.   

More photos in album.


12 Responses to “I love a good wine (& cheese)”

  1. Piera Says:

    I totally agree, you guys are VERY FUNNY!!!!. I had a blast as always with you ladies and we don’t get together often enough!!!

  2. Renee Says:

    looks like you guys had fun! girl time is definitely needed 🙂

  3. kelly Says:

    I showed Adam my cut yesterday and told him the story and he said “Wow, that baby is mean!”.
    That was so fun. I talked to D yesterday and she just kept going on about what great friends I have. I’m so lucky!

  4. Sarah Says:

    i wanna know what’s in the wallet!

  5. Kristin Says:

    That sounds like such a great night. I wish I had more local gal pals to have nights out with. Consider yourself blessed to have that many funny friends around you.

  6. Dex Says:

    Yeah. You might have had fun and all, but it’s not really a party until I’m there.

  7. QueenieCarly Says:

    You’re right, Piera. As everyone has been saying since then, we really DON’T do that enough!

    Yeah, girl time is needed, Renée! So, when can I expect you to come to one. We’d throw a whole special shindig just to see your pretty face again!!

    You’re lucky, Kelly. I’m lucky. We’re all lucky. Why? Because we get to hang around with us! 😉 And, yeah, that was a mean baby.

    Sarah: Guess!!

    Kristin, you’re another girl I’d love to have out sometime. Maybe with some NOTICE next time you’re IN TOWN, we can pull that off. (Teasing!)

    Amy. Oh Amy. While what you say may be partially true, trust me, we did a pretty damn good job in your honour!

  8. Kristin Says:

    I’m a loser. I admit it.

  9. SherBears Says:

    Looks like a good time. How was Kelly’s Revenge? I was offered a Fat Bastard once, but turned it down.

  10. QueenieCarly Says:

    You’re no loser, Kristin! You wouldn’t be invited if you were!!

    Kelly’s Revenge was gobbled up by someone else so I never got to try it, but I’ve had the white and it was good. Fat Bastard’s very good. I like their reds best, but the whites are not too shabby. You should have said yes, Sherry.

  11. Rebecca Says:

    Loved the girls night post. Reading the “I just laughed so hard my snooty glasses fell in the recycling” quote reminded me that that was the moment I realized I was shitfaced, because I couldn’t stop swaying as I was leaning down, trying to get my snooty glasses out from all the folded cardboard and shit. Damn, so funny.

  12. Vegas Princess Says:

    This makes me long for a girls night. I have not had one in so very long. Living in a place where basically I only have my husband for company is not indusive to a fun girl’s nights out. I miss having three or four girlfriends to laugh with. While my husband is great, sometimes you just need that female connection. I miss that so much.

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