Michael Vick – Really?!?

Here’s something that’s been weighing on my mind over the past week or so.  With the news of Michael Vick’s indictment and the allegations that he was more involved in dog-fighting than he’s been letting on, I’ve had quite a few people ask me in emails and face to face whether I’ll be able to cheer for him in the future and if he’ll still be my favourite player.  The short answer is yes.  I’ll admit that I am turning a blind eye and that I am a big fat hypocrite.  As I told my uncle the other day, this whole ordeal seems like it was scripted as my own personal nightmare.  I’ve never made a secret of my strong feelings against animal cruelty and my interest in protecting each and every little being out there.  (I’ve been accused of caring more about animals than people.)  Combine that with my favourite QB being responsible for the mistreatment (to say the least) of who knows how many dogs and I’m the one who ends up with a broken heart.  His crimes are inexcusable and undeniably disgusting.  I’m ashamed of his involvement, but I maintain that I have never been a fan for anything other than his actions on the field.  For that reason, I can continue to cheer for him just as I have in the past. 

What is most interesting, I find, is, as I mentioned above, the number of people getting in touch with me to ask about my allegiance to the guy.  It has set me to thinking a lot.  After all, when this same guy knowingly transmitted an incurable disease to another person, no one questioned my allegiance and the news was certainly nothing more than joke material.

What’s up with that, folks?  Am I to understand that the lives of dogs are more important than the life of one woman, if not more?

Both actions are worthy of disgust, outrage even, but isn’t it funny that only the one involving the dogs has received any sort of public outcry.  Think about that.


8 Responses to “Michael Vick – Really?!?”

  1. Shari Says:

    *crossing my fingers that this comment will go through*

    I do think about that. A lot. I think about it every time an abandoned litter of kittens in a dumpster make the headlines in the local newspaper, but the 35 or more babies abandoned each year in similar locations doesn’t seem to deserve a mention. Or when a group of severely abused animals is filmed in cages on someone’s front lawn, but we never see a family of abused children being ushered into safety. Don’t get me wrong, I’m like you – I care about animals deeply – but like you I also wonder why they seem to get most of the press.

    Sometimes I wonder if maybe it’s because the animals are the easier ones to think about. Like maybe the abuse of women and children is just too big to consider.

  2. flap Says:

    You know, I never got the whole “Ron Mexico” part of that t shirt. Well, now I get it. I think it just got a little brighter in here.
    You have no control over what these over paid, spoiled, irresponsible dumbassess do. These atheletes never seem to have to account for any of their actions becasue ever since highschool they have had people to cover up anything that might hinder their careers in proffessional sports. It’s funny that people might think that you would have some insight into the how’s and why’s or expect that you should be boycotting the player for his actions off of the field. You liked him becasue of the way he handles the football. Period. He is not the only asshole in the NFL. Of course we can despise what he is accused of doing and there isn’t a person out there that wouldn’t be a little sick over this ( except for his partners and the others involved, I suppose )
    I have cheered for a crack addict, a wife beater and a gambler not becasue of who they are as human beings, but because of the way they played their sports. It is the game we are interested in. That’s all. It is just too bad that children idolize these atheletes for so much more than just their talent. Should that enter into these idiots minds when they are conducting themselves off of the field? Of course. But I doubt that it ever will.

  3. Dawn Says:

    It annoys me when people question others allegiance to an “Athlete” when they do something irresponsible.

    What people fail to realize is that while these people do stupid things like the rest of us humans, we stand behind them because of the talent and skill they bring to their chosen profession.

    Fresh in my mind is the whole fallout from the WWE Wrestler, Chris Benoit episode. Yes, what he did is beyond disgusting, but does that mean that I’m going to deny the talent he had and the joy he brought to thousands of people everywhere?

    Hell no!

    Chris may deserve to burn in hell for what he did to his wife and child, not to mention taking his own life too. But the fact remains that he was an exceptional Wrestler and I’ll always remember watching his matches with fondness. It doesn’t mean we condone their actions, it just means we are adult enough to still recognize their talent.

  4. Renee Says:

    I guess I can’t seperate the player from the person, they are one and the same to me. If Vick wasn’t in the position financially that he is in I am doubtful that he would have had the means to commit this horrific crime, therefore I believe the sport supported his crime….

  5. lawrenceio Says:

    Yes , today’s society is sick, it seems they do care more about animals than a human being, for instance I heard on the radio a lawyer defended a man for killing a dog with a hammer and he recieved death threats. Same year the lawyer defended another man for killing a man in the same way and nobody seemed to care. I love all animals but I think a human life is more precious. Also Dog fighting is really big in South America and if it was just an average Joe getting caught it would be small news, but cause it’s a superstar all hell’s got to break loose.
    Nothing wrong with vick, he just got caught up with the wrong people.

  6. trench Says:

    I own pitbulls and I hate dogfighting. Its this reason that so many people hate pitbulls and think they are this ferocious breed of dog.

    Here is a photo of what happens to many of them.


    I agree with everyone that human life is far more precious, BUT that does not excuse Vick for what he allegedly did. If in fact he did involve himself in dog fighting, then he should pay the price like everyone else.

    OT: I was really looking forward to the Vick and Horn duo. Im a niner fan, but I do follow most teams and I’ve drafted Vick twice on my Fantasy Football teams! haha 😉

    Hopefully Vick was not involved. But if he was, then he has to do the time for it.

  7. Sarah Says:

    all I can say is I agree, things need to change

  8. Dex Says:

    Uh yeah. Dogs are waaaaayyy more important than women. Duh. Didn’t you get the memo? Why do you think they refer to dogs and women as bitches.

    Anyhow, like I always say, “once you go black, you never go back.”


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