Whatever gets you through the day

So, I worked for sixteen straight hours today.  I also foolishly committed to another extra sixteen hours over the weekend before returning to work bright and early on Monday morning.  I don’t really know what I was thinking, but looking back, it’s probably stuff like this that makes it somewhat appealing.

(Background: My work partner went to school with my darling, dear Kelly.  Each thought they had an idea about who the other one was, but they were never what you’d call friends.)

Travis: So, I saw Kelly —– the other day on FaceBook.
QueenieCarly: Yeah?
T: Yeah.  I totally know who she is.  She’s a cutie.
QC: Indeed.
T: And she was really nice too.
QC: Yeah, she was still nice when I met her.
T: Tell her I’m sorry she ever got hooked up with you.

He reads over my shoulder as I send a text message detailing the above conversation.  About two hours later, the following text appears in my inbox from his phone.

Carly, it’s kell kell.  omg bff! Travis is sooo cute, bff!

I mean, come on.  Have you met us??  That shit is funny!

I got him back a little while later.  As we were sitting down together, talking and taking a little break, the following exchange took place.

T: Fuck, (his wife) didn’t pack any drinks in my lunch today.
QC: Oh, so that’s why you’re drinking water.
T: Exactly.  You know, I’m going to phone her.
QC: I’ll give you $20 if, when she says "how are you?" you say "Thirsty!" and slam the phone down.

I think that’ll end up being the toughest twenty he’ll ever earn.  Serves him right.


9 Responses to “Whatever gets you through the day”

  1. Charlene Says:

    hahaha, i burst out laughing when i read what you bet him to do.

    That’s awesome 😛

    Did he do it?

  2. kelly Says:

    Shit that makes me laugh – omg bff!
    I actually worked with this really annoying chick at my last job – her name was Kelly and she was one of our assistants but she didn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground. She used to act all cutesy and call me Kell Kell and it drove me NUTS.

  3. QueenieCarly Says:

    I’m going to start calling you Kell Kell. Ha! I love it!

    I think that we should all six get together sometime. Omg, bff, you’d really like Travis and his wife is AWESOME.

  4. Piera Says:

    hey, where did my comment go?
    Oh well I’ll say it again.

    tell me he did it.

  5. Dex Says:

    That’s awesome.
    He’s haaaauuuuughhhht.

    He’s totally My Canada.

  6. Shari Says:

    OMG did he do it??? I wud LMAO if he did and lost his DW to her BFF and had to R-U-N-N-O-F-T. Totally.


  7. Vegas Princess Says:

    Did he do it? I would have, concequences be damned. I would have worried about how to patch things up later.

  8. Vegas Princess Says:

    Did he do it? I would have, concequences be damned. I would have worried about how to patch things up later. I mean twenty bucks is twenty bucks.

  9. Vegas Princess Says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to post that twice and not sure how I did it.

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