A boost in faith

I have spent this morning sitting here in my favourite local coffee joint, the one with the best drinks menu and most reliable wireless.  Being BC Day, the holiday has kept the streets quiet and the traffic in the café to a minimum.  Only one of four of the indoor tables are being used in here.  Aside from myself, there are two guys about my age here by themselves, both studying and one older woman quietly looking out the window while sipping her coffee. 

Immersed in shopping for an airline ticket (details later – the last thing I want to do is jinx my much needed vacation!) I was oblivious to what was going on around me until there was a bit of a commotion.  I looked up to see both of the guys I mentioned clambering to rise from their tables at opposite ends of the room and get to something that is going on near the door.  As the scene unfolds, I realize that a blind man with a cane has just walked in and his sense of direction has been thrown off by the fact that a few minor things have been rearranged near the entrance.  Both men made it a priority to get over to him, to right him on his way to the counter and to help him deliver his coffee to the table, but not before fixing it to his liking and making sure he was safe in his seat.

For all the bad manners and lack of care that I see people display towards others these days, it is so refreshing to see not just one, but two men falling all over themselves (and each other) to help a stranger.  It restores my faith in humanity.  Well, a little anyway.

And really… ladies, are you with me here?  It’s kind of hot too.


I took some photos while I was wandering around downtown the other day.  I found this on the wall inside the Chapters at Robson & Howe.  Of course, I had to message it to my friends down south.

Amy called it the best joke she’s heard in a while.
Her brother was more fun.  He said: "Yeah.  More Canada.  Sounds good."



9 Responses to “A boost in faith”

  1. Lael Says:

    I see that sort of thing more often than not here. It always makes me so glad:)There is hope for us all yet.

  2. Rach Says:

    That’s awesome (and hot) that those guys jumped into action to help a complete stranger. The world needs more of that.

  3. Mon Says:

    Yea, I agree, way hot!
    I think the world does need more Canada. I’ve only been twice. And, it was for work, in Leamington, Ontario. It was pretty there. I was amazed how it seemed so different, yet so similar to home.

  4. Dawn Says:

    It’s awesome to see guys doing that sort of thing. Usually it’s the ladies (in my experience anywayz :P)

    I’ve seen that sign in Chapters lol. The first time I saw it I sniggered to myself – but judging by whats been happening in the past year in other parts of the world, I think the sign makers got it eerily right.

  5. A Fanciful Twist Says:

    WOW! That was sooo nice! I love that.. yes, water in the knees… Wobbly, love that~!!!

  6. Vegas Princess Says:

    I think us down south here could learn from More Canada. And I do agree, selfless guestures…so hot!

  7. Sarah Says:

    yep – sweet, considerates dudes def. equal hot dudes.

    and i’d like someone to tell me why the world DOESN’T need more canada. we sure as shit don’t need more america.

  8. Dex Says:

    I would have said it was hot if I hadn’t thought they were “together.”..But their act of solidarity, great nonetheless.

  9. Renee Says:

    girl you didn’t send me this! love it 🙂

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