Did anyone else see the cover of Vogue this month?

Winona’s rockin’ 35. If that’s what it’s gonna look like, then sign me
up!  I’ve always loved her, thief or otherwise, so I was thrilled to
see her face again.


And speaking of magazines.  I picked up my very last Jane the other day.  I had to honour it’s place on the shelf with a photo.  Call me sentimental.




9 Responses to “Did anyone else see the cover of Vogue this month?”

  1. Mon Says:

    I think wynona will be “ageless” forever. She’s awesome.

  2. Sarah Says:

    eva mendes is where it’s at though. that woman is gorgeous. i’d do her.

  3. Toni Says:

    Winona does look good, but what’s up with that BOW? Ew.

  4. QueenieCarly Says:

    I don’t mind that bow at all. I never even noticed it was there.

    That eva Mendes article is awesome. In fact, I’m determined to recreate one of those photos when my photographer friend comes back to town. (You’ve got your work cut out for you, Martin!)

    She is ageless. Evidently.

  5. Kristin Says:

    Wow…Winona looks damn good. I wish I could look like that NOW!

  6. Kristen Says:

    I just picked up both Jane and Vogue at the airport on Monday. I love Winona, as well. I always have wanted a “Free Winona” shirt. She is so beautiful and it seems effortless for her, which I envy, but admire at the same time. Good call on Jane. Eva Mendes is pretty easy on the eyes as well. I wouldn’t mind looking like Eva or Winona now or when I turn 35.

  7. Dex Says:

    Only skinny people look good with a huge ass bow on them.

    Eva Mendes..for real? The last cover? Hmpf.

  8. kelly Says:

    Wow – funny. I never buy magazines, but I had to buy that Vogue when I saw my girl Wynona on the cover.

  9. Vegas Princess Says:

    I like Winona. Despite her sticky fingers. 🙂

    Check her out in her new movie “The Darwin Awards” it just came out on video. She looks really great in it. It is a cute film and stars my favorite celebrity husband Joseph Fiennes too (my husband looks like Joseph Fiennes…swoon!) I have to own everything he is in so I got it for my plane ride last week and I really enjoyed it.

    I hope I look half as good as her at 35…

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