Hot and bothered, not to mention hungover

Today’s entry will be here, there and everywhere mostly because I spent too much time last night drinking too many beers with the boys out back of the arena.  I hadn’t been feelin’ the booze thing for most of the summer and those were the first drinks I’d had in a while.  When I got up early this morning, my head that had been so enjoying the jokes and banter that was accompanying the libations was instead cursing all of it.  Ouch!  The good news is, I’m over it now.

I’m still feeling insanely restless and the desire to travel is picking up some serious speed.  In fact, it may officially be upgraded to a need in the very near future.  A guy that I like to talk to at work is going to Japan next month and another just got back from a work sponsored week in Italy.  After he was done telling me all about his adventures in Rome, he asked if I had been anywhere lately.  I told him about the time I’ve been spending in Portland, but that was all I had.  Hmph.  When he asked me where I wanted to go, I told him "I’d go anywhere."  And it’s true.  A few exceptions, of course, but I’d pretty much take off to anyplace that wasn’t primarily wilderness.

I shouldn’t complain too much.  I have managed to solve my most recent destination dilemma and have a vacation almost entirely planned.  And it’s exciting!  I just have to pick up the airfare and then I’ll be off.  In November, that is.  Only a few people are in on my secret and I’m refusing to mention it publicly for fear that something will come up and my plans will go down the drain.  The second that ticket is in my hot little hands, you’ll be the first to know about it.  Here’s a hint: I’m thrilled that I stumbled upon two separates that together make the perfect swimsuit this summer. 

Here’s what else I’m working on:

  • Img_5246_2Calgary.  My travel desperation has even found me looking at other Canadian cities.  Calgary’s captured my intrigue most and I hope to get there before next summer.  Stampede, perhaps?
  • Minneapolis & St. Paul.  Dawn‘s wedding is just around the corner and I’m determined to see a lot more than Mary Tyler Moore while I’m there.
  • Las Vegas.  My folks love going.  A’s never been and is dying to go and has been after me to plan to go with my folks on their yearly pilgrimage.  Sounds great, but more than anything, I’m really thinking about taking sweet Amanda up on her offer to play hostess.

Of course, France is an ongoing project and I’m always looking for an invitation to visit Portland.  Two sub-projects that I’m excited about at the moment, ones that involve not my own travel, but the travel of someone else are a potential visit from Sarah in September (I am just so convinced it’s going to happen!) and getting Mike & Amy up here the following weekend in October and actually showing them something of the city.  If you can’t be a visitor in somebody else’s city, why not be one in your own, right?

Anyone else want to visit?  Or have a visitor??  I’m your man.  Just let me know.

You may not have noticed yet, but I added a bunch of photos the other day from a stroll that SJ and I took through my ‘hood and the park that is responsible for naming it.  They weren’t intended to be a selling point, but if they work as one, then that’s cool.  Check out the album.

Pretty sweet little keychain my work husband brought me this week, huh?  Do you see why I married him?  My desire to visit Calgary is unrelated to the gift.  FYI.

One more note: in case you were wondering, the Bellies lost last night.  The series that was greatly predicted to be a sweep is now at 2-1 in our favour.  Those Timbermen seem to have some tricks up their sleeves.


8 Responses to “Hot and bothered, not to mention hungover”

  1. Sarah Says:

    you & your evil canadian pressure! haha. was a bit of a shock to see it in print, i must say. but i’m still checking fares daily.

    like i said before, tripping over a bar of gold would be worth the stubbed toe…

  2. Dex Says:

    anytime princess…er..i mean queen. my tiara is your tiara.

  3. Rach Says:

    I vote Minneapolis/St. Paul. Then again, I *might* be a bit biased.

  4. Sarah Says:

    oh no, rach. the wedding trip is non-negotiable!

  5. QueenieCarly Says:

    It wasn’t pressure, Sarah. Really. Okay, it was more like putting it out to the universe to try to make it happen.

    Thanks Dex. I like that.

    Sarah’s right, Rach. Those are actually three trips that I am working on. It will happen, don’t you worry your pretty little head!

  6. kelly Says:

    How about Fresno the last weekend of September?

  7. dawnmarie Says:

    why do I never remember reading this post? I can’t believe it.

  8. Vegas Princess Says:

    I know your secret! 🙂

    I hope you can come visit soon, we will have so much fun! And I think you and I should take a trip together. That would be so cool!

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