My prince has come (again)

It seems that the world tilted off its axis for a while there and every single person from whom I’d been hoping to hear fell dead silent for what felt like ages.  Imagine my delight when I got an email from Travis Morrison the other day.  Evidently, the long awaited and oft postponed All Y’All is set for release on the 21st.  Being the considerate guy that he is, it’s available for streaming directly from his website and it’s awesome.  Once again, he brings his eclectic, funky and sometimes bizarre style out to play and mixes it up with myriad unique influences.  I’ve been listening to it for days and am absolutely in love with it, maybe even more so than I was with Travistan.  You really have to check it out.  For all the recommendations that I make to you guys, this is the one I really hope some of you listen up on.  The guy’s a genius whether working with his Hellfighters or with his old crew, (likely my favourite band ever) Dismemberment Plan.  I mean, how can you resist a guy who created a hysterical a capella track called Snack Time?  You can’t.  Don’t even try.  (And don’t try to find that on All Y’All.)

Read what Pitchfork, recovering haters, had to say here.

Here are a few more reasons why it’s great to be me right now.  I’ll restrict the list to only things music related.

  • We Are Scientists are reporting that recording is complete for their new record, tentatively titled Birds of a Pleather owing largely to "vast oceans of alcohol peppered with creative talent."
  • Jim Adkins mentioned in his blog a few weeks back (scroll to July 30) that the next Jimmy Eat World record, Chase This Light will be hitting the streets October 16.

I gave you a heads up last week about the new Matthew Good record, Hospital Music.   I’m back to repost now that it is fantastic.  It’s been playing almost constantly through my computer, Asha iPod Bosley, and my head.  It’s smart and it’s vulnerable and in certain places, it’s completely capable of breaking your heart.  It’s a little old school, at times reminiscent of sounds as far back as Beautiful Midnight and even Last of the Ghetto Astronauts, but honestly, I believe it to be his best work in years.

Music’s been on my mind a lot lately.  I even have a way overdue review of the most recent Linkin Park album in the holster since May, just waiting for the finishing touches.  I’ll probably get it up soon.  For now, I’m going to continue agonizing over which Jimmy Eat World concert poster to order.  I’ll probably be asking for your help in making a decision tomorrow.


One Response to “My prince has come (again)”

  1. Vegas Princess Says:

    I love finding out about new bands and singers so I am so excited to check these all out. I admit, I have never heard of Travis Morrison, but I took your advice about Matthew Goode and reserved his CD at the library. I loved the new Linkin Park CD too. What other types of music do you like? I am curious if we have similar tastes.

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