The leaves don’t lie (…or do the they?)

If you believe in tea leaf readings, then you may want to stay tuned as Rebecca is scheduled to be burned at the stake within the next seven to ten days.  Who’d want to miss that?

First, let’s flashback to February when I had my first reading out at the Urban Tea Merchant in West Vancouver.  I just reread everything she told me and there was only one prediction she made that you could say has come true since then.  Looking back, she nailed certain aspects of my life.  That makes me wonder about what she told me when I visited Ariadne again on Monday.

  • Her first impression was of me holding onto someone who is hurt and bloodied.  She said that I am not hurt myself, but that I am hurt by my sympathy for this person who is.  She didn’t say whether I was involved with whatever it was that hurt my companion, but she did say that I narrowly missed being affected.
  • In the last ten days, she told me that I’ve had a friend who has been hurt.  She saw me around a crowd of people who are not good for me.  She said that this group are out of control in that one does one thing and then the next person does it and so on and so on.  There is something about this group that is tempting to me, there is some kind of hook that keeps me involved.  Someone with the initial M stands out from this group and knows how to handle the group and themselves when they are around the group.  This person stands back from the others.
  • In the future few weeks, she sees me as a great peacemaker.  She told me that I have very strong negotiation skills, that I can wave the white flag without backing down on anything.  She said it’s possible that I’ll use them in a future career.  (It was at this point that she started mentioning that she saw big college campuses all around me.  It was a theme throughout the reading and came up a number of times.)
  • In the next two weeks, she told me that I would take an opportunity to do something fun and just for me.  She told me I’d do a disappearing act and that it would be very good.
  • Unrelated to any specific time she told me that I have great academic ability.
  • I was surprised when she gave me an exact date for this point.  On September 3rd, I’m going to have a very lucky opportunity to do something artistic.  She said there would be a person coming forward to make this possible and that it was related to something with the initial E.  The E does not represent the person coming forward, but is related more to what I’m going to be doing.
  • In four months, she said something drastic will change between me and a man who "has the hots" for me and is "very determined."  He is a good person, a kid at heart and his business takes him east.  She said that this is someone I already know.
  • In about two months, she sees a person waving at me.  This person is an older woman who I see as a kindred spirit with whom I have a solid connection.
  • I will take a trip to New York City within the next two years.  She had no doubt about that.

I swear, I’m addicted to this kind of thing.  I just love it.  She told me the first time that her readings span only about six months into the future.  I’ll be more likely to schedule those on time than I am my dental check-ups!  Who’s with me in February?

Now if only I could get Rebecca to blog about hers…


4 Responses to “The leaves don’t lie (…or do the they?)”

  1. mon Says:

    The only time I went to a psychic, she told me I’d be getting a new car, and when I tried to start it, it wouldn’t start. I did go get a new car, and the battery was dead! Sometimes, their dead on!

  2. Vegas Princess Says:

    I am always fascinated by these kind of things. But I would like for her to give me a reading, get it all down and then forget about it for a couple months, and then take out the details and see how on target she was. Sounds like you are in for an interesting couple of months.

  3. kelly Says:

    OMG pick me, pick me! I’d be sooo into that. Let’s do it.
    I’ve actually been contemplating lately on having Brenda come to my place and do readings for a small group, like we did at your place 3 years ago. P and I are planning on a girl’s night/slumber party thing around her birthday – what do you think?

  4. Dex Says:

    Burned at the stake? How cool is that?
    I think stuff like this is quite interesting. What could this lady possibly have to say about me? I wonder. Anyhow, so..your “academic ability,” when are you going back to school?

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