Thanks again Urban Dictionary!

Work hot: A person that may or may not be hot, but is the most attractive person in the set of people you work with so you lust after him/her.

Person 1: So this new girl at your work is she hot?
Person 2: Hell yeah…well I mean she’s work hot.



5 Responses to “Thanks again Urban Dictionary!”

  1. Lael Says:

    Bwahaahaa,good one!

  2. Sarah Says:

    this is too awesome and will def. be introduced to my girls at work. there is a distinct lack of attractive people at the office [mostly notably of the male persuasion], so this will be easily understood and quickly adopted.

  3. Vegas Princess Says:

    Oh I definitely know some people who fit that category…because then when you see them in a social setting you wonder what the hell you thought was cute about them. Unless you are really drunk.

  4. Grady Says:

    I had a realy good laugh when I saw that one. That fits so many girls where I work.

  5. Piera Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!

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